When to See a Doctor for Back Pain

When to See a Doctor for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common physical ailments. While many will experience some general back discomfort during their lifetime, knowing when to see a doctor for pain is not always clear. Let the following serve as a general guide to help you know when it might just be the right time to contact a back specialist.

Determining Severity: Is it Time for Back Surgery?
Mild discomfort resulting from a day of overzealous lifting of heavy objects or a mild strain from a day of vigorous exercise do not typically warrant a visit to the doctor for back pain, but it is something that needs to be monitored. A mild injury for people that don’t exercise often or those who carry extra weight can worsen over time (sometimes worsen quickly) and could result in an eventual surgery if not taken care of quickly.

Since the spine is connected to numerous muscle groups in the body, discomfort and even slight pain should not be ignored – particularly as your spine impacts and influences motion. In some instances, if spinal problems are severe and getting worse, emergency surgery may be required. But how do you know when surgery is the right choice? There are three clear signs that it is time to get serious about back or spine surgery:

Normal Function is Limited
While we all lose some level of mobility as we age, if you’re unable to function normally (unable to stand, difficulty sitting for an extended period of time), it could be a sign or a more serious condition. If that is the case, then it is time to seek out a qualified back doctor for your pain.

Quality of Life Impacted
There are many ways that quality of life can be impacted with a back injury, from the amount of good sleep that you get to socializing with friends and family. If you life is being impacted in a negative way from your back pain, seek out a qualified medical professional to help.

Failed Alternative Treatments  
If your trusty heating pad is no longer working and you are self medicating to alleviate your back pain to no avail, visiting a back specialist is going to be recommended. There are many instances when visiting a back and spine specialist is going to be obvious, but if you’re still insure, it is probably time to schedule a consultation.

Do not attempt to self-diagnose your problems, consult with a specialist like Dr. Branko Prpa, a leading back specialist and spine surgeon in Wisconsin. With offices in both the Kenosha and Milwaukee areas, Dr. Prpa can help you reclaim your quality of life starting today. Make an appointment at the Branko PRPA M.D. medical office that’s closest to your location now and start improving your wellbeing.


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