Top Things to do When Recovering From Back Surgery

October 14, 2017

If you need back surgery, you know that Branko PRPA M.D. can assist you. Once you've come to us for help with back pain or another issue, you'll have a recovery period ahead of you. That's even true for patients who get minimally...

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Managing Chronic Back Pain

September 22, 2017

Our Recommendations for Managing Your Chronic Back Pain At Branko PRPA M.D. we know how annoying chronic back pain can be. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to cope with it. From home remedies, to pain medications, to meetings with...

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Five Tips For Sciatica Pain Relief

August 15, 2017

At Branko PRPA M.D. we're equipped to help you with many kinds of spinal pain or spine-related injury. While there are many kinds of spinal pain, one of the most common is sciatica. Fortunately there are a few ways to deal ...

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Home Health Tips for Chronic Back Pain

July 28, 2017

Chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons people give in and go to the doctor. It might seem like nothing you do at home provides lasting relief. Unfortunately, the back is a complex structure that contains multiple joints and...

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Swimming for Back Pain: What You Need to Know

June 29, 2017

Swimming is often the recommendation for different kinds of chronic pain, but what about the back? It's estimated that 80 percent of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives. Many of them will have the pain on and off...

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6 Stretches to Help with Back Pain Relief

June 2, 2017

Are you wondering if spine surgery is the only answer for your chronic back pain? It's possible that surgical intervention will offer you the best hope for relief, but Milwaukee, Wisconsin residents may want to try stretches first to see if they...

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5 Ways Kenosha Residents Can Protect Their Spines

April 25, 2017

Anyone who has ever, or is currently, suffering from spinal problems knows how painful this can be. Aside from the discomfort, having a weak spine can make you less productive and unable to enjoy regular activities you once did with ease. When...

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5 Common Causes of Back Pain

April 19, 2017

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Well, you aren't alone. According to the Global Burden of Disease, back pain is the world's leading cause of worker disability, affecting more than half of the working U.S. adult population in any given year. ...

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