Top Exercises for Strengthening Your Core

March 15, 2018

    Now that spring is here, many people are trying to get into better shape. With longer days and warmer temperatures, spring is certainly a great time to start a workout routine, but it’s essential to get off to the right start. If...

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How to Prep for Back Surgery

February 15, 2018

No matter what the source of your back pain is,Dr. Branko PRPA M.D. is ready to help you face it. We offer a wide range of surgical options and we're prepared to help patients with many types of ailments, from complex spinal...

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The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Back Pain

January 15, 2018

  At Branko PRPA M.D. we won't stop until we find the solution for your spinal related pain. We're Wisconsin's leading expert on spine surgery, but there are also some other methods that could help you with your back pain. One of them is...

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Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Back

December 15, 2017

  AtBranko PRPA M.D. we offer the solutions you need for your back pain. Whether you're dealing with a disc herniation, a spinal deformity, or spinal tumors, we have a surgical option to help relieve your pain. Once...

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Top Things to do When Recovering From Back Surgery

October 14, 2017

If you need back surgery, you know that Branko PRPA M.D. can assist you. Once you've come to us for help with back pain or another issue, you'll have a recovery period ahead of you. That's even true for patients who get minimally...

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Managing Chronic Back Pain

September 22, 2017

Our Recommendations for Managing Your Chronic Back Pain At Branko PRPA M.D. we know how annoying chronic back pain can be. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to cope with it. From home remedies, to pain medications, to meetings with...

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