Don't let a failed neck or back surgery forever limit your mobility.

back surgery recoveryAre you in need of revision surgery as the result of a failed neck or back operation? 

You’re not alone – thousands of failed surgeries occur every year but you don’t need to be a statistic. 

Recovering from a back or neck surgery should be manageable. If months to years later you are still experiencing a sudden onset of intense pain, numbness, or the inability to complete simple daily tasks, you may be experiencing a more serious condition – Failed Back or Neck Surgery Syndrome.

Dr. Branko Prpa, a leading back and spine specialist in the United States, has put together a helpful guide to managing FBSS and FNSS. Download now to understand why you are having this pain, the next steps you should take, and some practical and helpful guidance for speeding up your recovery.


Pain After Spinal Surgery