Thinking about Laser Spine Surgery? Think Again…

Do you think that your back condition may require an alternative treatment? If one of those options is laser spine surgery, do your research first. 

Often bringing up images of cutting-edge technology, laser spine surgery has been marketed in the spine industry as a new and innovative way to operate on the spine, but the spine medical industry has never been able to produce scientific proof that the “laser” produces better outcomes for their patients, i.e. length of stay at hospital, reduced pain, reduced cost and quicker recovery.

Most of the benefits associated with laser spine surgery can be attributed to the minimally invasive surgical techniques (MIS) that are being used in conjunction with the laser. By using minimally invasive techniques, the overlying muscles and tissue are spared trauma and this allows for a much faster healing time. The minimally invasive approach is actually the true champion of better outcomes for spine patients. Lasers are not effective in removing bony overgrowth and this limits the use of a laser in spine surgery to only one type of surgery – the discectomy (the removal of a herniated disk).

The close proximity of nerve roots and vital structures within the spine and surrounding area makes the laser very difficult to adjust. Since the laser cannot differentiate between good tissue and a herniated disc, most laser spine surgery consists of a small portion of the disc being removed by the laser and then the remaining portion is actually completed by other means.

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