The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Back Pain

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Back Pain

At Branko PRPA M.D. we won’t stop until we find the solution for your spinal related pain. We’re Wisconsin’s leading expert on spine surgery, but there are also some other methods that could help you with your back pain. One of them is massage therapy. This option is low-risk and can actually provide many benefits for any person living with back pain. More often, some medical treatments for back pain are being paired with massage therapy to assist patients on multiple fronts. Here’s a look at how massage therapy can help a person with back pain.

Decreased Tension

A massage can decrease the amount of tension in the muscles. This can help reduce pain or improve flexibility. If increased muscle tension is one of the reasons for your back pain, therapeutic massage therapy can help. By decreasing tension, a massage can help you get moving again sooner.

Better Blood Flow and Circulation

By increasing blood flow to the muscles in your back, a massage can help you recover from soreness. Whether it’s just from working a little too hard at the gym or the result of a tissue injury, a massage can make your back feel better. Massage can be beneficial for patients who have recently strained their back. If you’ve lifted something heavy improperly and injured yourself, improved blood flow can help you bounce back a little quicker in some instances.

Improved Range of Motion

Because a massage can improve blood flow and relax muscles, it can also result in a better range of motion. If a recent injury has affected your movements, a massage could assist you. You could get back to being your normal, active self sooner than you’d think.

Better Sleep Quality

Getting massage therapy for back pain can also improve your sleep quality. Few things can make you toss and turn quite like back pain, but the increased circulation and decreased tension that result from a massage can make you feel much better. You’ll be getting better sleep, which makes it easier to stay on the road to recovery.

Rising Endorphin Levels

A massage can also trigger the release of endorphins. This chemical makes you feel good, which can especially help you if you have depression and anxiety issues related to your chronic pain. If you’re living with chronic back issues, higher endorphin levels will improve your mood and help you become more active again.

Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain

In spinal arthritis, the cartilage between each joint in your spine begins to wear down. It causes pain as bones make contact with other bones. A massage can help improve circulation and reduce stress. Just make sure that your massage therapist is trained to treat people with arthritis. It’s a specific skill set and not all massage therapists have the experience necessary.

Therapeutic massage therapy can be a low-risk way to manage your back pain. Always consult with your doctor before looking into massage therapy for your particular type of back pain. At Branko PRPA M.D. we can help you find a qualified professional to assist you and help you get on the road to recovery.



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