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FBSS & FNSS: Dealing with Pain After Spinal Surgery

Nov 01, 2019

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) and Failed Neck Surgery Syndrome (FNSS) are more common than you think. What happened and what is causing this pain months or even years later? Your back or neck surgery was supposed to provide relief. Months to years later, you are experiencing little to no improvements or pain in other…

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Spine Straightening Surgery 101

Jul 08, 2019

What does spine straightening surgery entail, and who should consider it? The human spine isn’t designed to be perfectly straight, and most of us have variations. But certain conditions can cause enough pain and mobility challenges to warrant a surgical solution. Let’s dive in a few basic facts to get the story straight on spine…

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Types of Spine Surgery

Jul 03, 2019

What types of spine surgery are available to help you alleviate suffering from pain? The spine is literally your support system, holding your body up. It also provides crucial support, stability and flexibility that allows us to stand, walk and run. Having spinal surgery is no simple procedure and there are various options you can…

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When to See a Doctor for Back Pain

Apr 01, 2019

Back pain is one of the most common physical ailments. In fact, most people will experience some general back discomfort during their lifetime. Knowing when to see a doctor for pain is not always clear but it is important. Let the following serve as a general guide to help you know when it might just…

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Alleviate Lower Back Pain With Stretching & Exercise

Jan 16, 2019

There are many reasons people suffer from lower back pain – from long hours at an office job in an uncomfortable chair, to an accident or other trauma. Ultimately, however, lower back pain is most often caused by either overuse and poor muscle strength, a herniated disk or some other degeneration of the vertebra but…

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Exercises for Patients Dealing with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Nov 15, 2018

Being diagnosed with a health problem can be nerve-racking. And that’s certainly the case when the condition you’ve been diagnosed with involves your spine, back or neck. No one wants their lifestyle or quality of life to suffer because of a health issue, which often happens with back problems. Luckily, if you’ve been told you…

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Tips for Lifting Properly to Prevent Back Strain

Oct 15, 2018

Lifting properly is the best way to prevent back strain and injury – discover some practical tips below from back and spine specialist Branko Prpa, MD.   You’ve heard it before. “Lift with your knees, not your back” is a mantra we all know too well. While you may always lift with your knees, you may…

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When To Get a Surgical Consult for Neck or Back Pain

Sep 15, 2018

Delaying a surgical consult for spine (back) or neck pain is never advised; discover when the right time is to schedule an appointment with your back and neck specialist with this article from Prpa Spine Surgey.  If you’re one of the millions of Americans experiencing neck or back pain in any given moment, you know…

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Risk for Back Injuries High Among Weekend Warriors

Aug 15, 2018

The Risk for Back Injuries is Real Work. Kids. Errands. Streaming just one more episode of your latest favorite show. Those are just a few of the things that might prevent you from exercising regularly during a typical work week. If you’re like a lot of other people, you may transform into a weekend warrior…

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