Milwaukee's Leading Spine Surgeon

Dr. Branko Prpa

A renowned expert in spine health, Dr. Branko Prpa is the leading spine surgeon in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

The spine is one of the most integrated and complex systems in the human body. Treatment of spinal disease begins with a thorough assessment and diagnosis of each individual situation to establish a clear strategy for returning to healthy function.

Spine surgeon in Milwaukee

In the event that spine surgery becomes necessary, a multidisciplinary approach is required to account for the many components of the repair. These disciplines involve orthopedics, neurology, vascular, and more.

Selecting a highly experienced spine surgeon and clinical team is very important to maximizing the chances of a successful outcome. Dr. Prpa has conducted more than 3,000 successful spinal surgeries and has helped many more people return to proper spinal function and health. Holding a fellowship from Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Prpa’s education and experience makes him a respected Milwaukee spine surgeon and spine health authority

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