Spine Surgery and Relief Redefined by the Leading Milwaukee Spine Surgeon

Are you suffering from spinal related pain? Dr. Prpa is Milwaukee's top spine surgeon who is here to meet your needs. With over 3000 successful surgeries complete, he is Wisconsin’s leading expert in spine surgery.

Serving the Kenosha and Milwaukee area, Dr. Prpa is the spine surgeon that you need! Sometimes life happens and you need a doctor with your interests in mind.

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Personalized Care for Spine Surgery Patients in Milwaukee


Dr. Prpa is a Spine Surgeon in Milwaukee who is here to treat and take care of you. Each person is unique and deserves respect and personalized care. We’re here to offer you service like never before!

Milwaukee Spine Surgery and Back Pain Relief


We’re here to make sure that your experience is done with a minimal intrusion and is as pain free as possible. Life’s about living, why worry or be limited by an injury?

Milwaukee Back Pain Education


Making the decision to rid yourself of pain and complications is a big step. Dr. Prpa is here to clear up any questions that you might have so that you can make an informed decision. Knowledge is power and as Milwaukee's top spine surgery experts, we’re here for you.

Integrity with every Spine Surgery in Milwaukee


Spine Surgery is a big step and Dr. Prpa is a man of integrity and strong moral conviction. He has performed over 3000 surgeries and treats every patient with the care that they deserve.


Dr. Prpa is here to offer you a complete suite of care for any spine related injury. From complex spinal deformity to herniated discs we’re here for you day or night.

Mission Statement

Our guiding principle is simple: you (the patient) always come first.


Learning the myriad of terms and traditional healthcare environment can be daunting at best, stressful at worst. We’re here to take the worry from you and provide you with an unrivaled level of care and consideration.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

When appropriate, Dr. Branko Prpa prefers minimally invasive spine surgery because it does not involve a long incision along the spine. This avoids significant damage to the surrounding muscles, results in less pain and a faster recovery time.



Dr. Prpa has performed over 3000 spinal related surgeries and is guided by one thing; your care.



Followup care and considerations are part of the suite of service Dr. Prpa offers. His highly skilled staff is here to help from start to finish.



You want to have only the brightest in the industry and that’s Dr. Prpa. With his longstanding association with the Mayo Clinic he knows how to take care of your every need!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to streamline the process of help. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions.

What is your turnaround time?

Every surgery is different, call us today at 414-939-5447 and let’s discuss your options. Don’t be shy, let’s talk!

What kind of clients do you work with?

Spinal related injuries and pain can happen to anybody. We’re here to provide you with the care that you need. Call us today at 414-939-5447 so we can get you onto a pain-free path today!

Where does my referring physician go?

Referring physicians should fax in this form to our fax number at 262-260-8968. We’re here to inform the referring physician about the treatment. Call us at 414-939-5447 if there are any questions at all!

The confidence and experience of Dr. Prpa put me at ease when it came time for my back surgery. I have had eighteen surgeries in my life and by far Dr. Prpa is in fact the best Orthopedic surgeon I have ever encountered.

Gerald G.

Thank God we found him. Excellent, very skilled surgeon. He has performed 2 very extensive surgeries(cervical and lumbar) on my mother and 2 cervical surgeries on myself. I would not trust ANYONE else with my spine or my life.

Susan N.

Dr. Prpa diagnosed the problem immediately after C scan and Xrays were looked at. He removed old hardware and put in the cage and did a fusion within 12 weeks it was fused and i felt no pain in the back after waking up from the surgery. He is a miracle worker.

Rick J.